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Our company produce unique high end lifestyle videos. The films we produce are not just functional videos as seen on many other websites, but a video experience, with today's internet savvy customers web videos are fast becoming a vital part of every companies marketing strategy, our videos don't just sell and promote your product and services, they actually sell the experience, from the amazing food to the great location.
We see our films as a long term investment that continually works to promote your business 24/7 and with Google increasing website search ranking due to having a video on your website this would make a fantastic long term investment.
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Hotel & Restaurant Promo Video

St Ives Harbour Hotel

Promo film for online marketing


Film Commissioned by Harbour Hotel Group


Filmed & Edited by DCMedia

Hotel & Restaurant Mallorca, Spain

Yacht Club CalaDor

Promo film for online marketing

Film Commissioned by CalaDor Yacht Club

Filmed & Edited by DCMedia

Half of Guests Prefer to View Videos on Hotel's Website

We started by asking travelers, if they were researching accommodations for an upcoming trip, on which website they would prefer to view a hotel’s videos—and exactly half say on the hotel’s website. Another 34 percent would prefer to watch videos on YouTube, while 12 percent prefer Facebook and 5 percent say Instagram.

Preferred Website for Viewing Hotel's Online Videos


A recurring (and increasing) challenge for hotels is driving potential customers to their websites for direct bookings. Fortunately, this result shows that consumers would actually prefer to visit a hotel’s website when doing research for a trip.

“Generally, we see viewing videos on [a company’s] website as a win-win for the customer and the brand,” says Tyler Lessard, chief marketing officer at Vidyard (a leading provider of video marketing and analytics technologies for several industries, including hospitality).

For the customer, Lessard says, the advantage is knowing that the content is reputable and recent, versus the slightly more ambiguous nature of YouTube. As for the hotels, when customers view videos directly on their website, those customers are kept within the same branded experience.

“One of the downsides of YouTube is that a potential customer is usually only one click away from a competitor’s video,” Lessard says. “But on your own site, you can preserve that experience, and walk them from the video to a booking more effectively.”

He adds that hotels should publish video content to both YouTube and a branded website to maximize the video’s reach and give consumers options on where they view the content. And YouTube videos should include a call-to-action with a link or an annotation near the end of the video, to drive them to the hotel’s website.

A little bit about me when i'm not filming hotel videos!

I'm a hugely passionate freelance conservation wildlife filmmaker, working closely with conservation charities and good causes, I have also worked on major television productions as a cameraman and editor BBC Countryfile, Channel4 and Channel5 as well as producing campaigns for Plantlife, HRH The Prince of Wales patron of Plantlife a conservation charity with 23 nature reserves across the UK, as well as support from the then UK Prime Minister David Cameron who endorsed the Macular Society film/campaign that I produced in 2015.

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